Favourites: BMW X6

Every now and then i sit there and dream of the car I would love to drive and I often come to the conclusion that it would either be a Jaguar or a BMW. Is stems from when I was younger I guess, my uncle drove a second hand Jaguar X-Type and I remember thinking it was outrageously cool. And then my best friends dad used to drive a BMW X5 and as was the case with my uncle, I thought it made him seem powerful. Meanwhile my dad was a huge fan of Volkswagen Beetles which we laugh about now as it used to embarrass me when he would pick me up in his second hand Volkswagen Beetle which I deemed to be a woman’s car when I was in my teens.

Whilst I have now come round and realised that the beetle is a good car with a fantastic history, it is still those Jags and Beamers that stick in my mind when I think of the car that I seem myself driving when I’m a bit older, with a bit more money. Things will have changed by then so who knows what I would go for, but if I had the money now, I am pretty sure I would go for the BMW X6, which, if you haven’t seen it, is a 4×4 coupe which commands respect and wouldn’t look out of place on a battlefield. In vain, find myself searching online for second hand BMW X6‘s but even the cheapest ones are way out of my budget at £20,000.